This site, as it stands right now, was created on August 1, 2005 after two fan sites, The Brad Pitt Center and, were merged together to form one site.

The Brad Pitt Center was created by Layla. Much of the content that you’ll see on this site (anything with ‘Brad Pitt Center’ on it) was created or collected by her and her contributors. was created by me (Libby) in March 2005, and anything you see without ‘Brad Pitt Center’ on it was created or collected by me.

In July 2005 Layla decided to close the Brad Pitt Center. She contacted me and, as she didn’t want all her work and content to disappear into Internet heaven, graciously asked whether I would be interested in taking over her site/domain. And so I merged the two sites together and the site, as it is now, was born.

Thank you to..
Layla (for all her hard work with BPC), Chris and Penelope (for making lots of videos for the site), Kimber & Pittgirl (for being moderators at the forum), Louisvictim & Danielle (previous moderators at the forum) and anyone/everyone else who has contributed or supported Brad Pitt Center/ 🙂