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The Big Short trailer and release date

The trailer for The Big Short has been released! The film will have it’s world premiere on the 12th November as the closing night selection of November’s AFI Fest in Los Angeles and Paramount will release the film in theaters in limited release on the 11th December and then wide on the 23rd December.

From The Hollywood Reporter: “In a surprise move, Paramount Pictures has slotted Adam McKay’s The Big Short for a late 2015 release, giving it a shot in this year’s Oscar race. The film, which stars Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Melissa Leo, Marisa Tomei, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Finn Wittrock, wasn’t expected to be released until 2016.

Paramount will release the film in limited release on Dec. 11 and then wide on Dec. 23.

The film also will make its world premiere as AFI’s closing night film on Nov. 12.

Based on Michael Lewis’ best seller, The Big Short chronicles the men who made millions from a global economic meltdown and those who tried to stop it. When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to acknowledge, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment led them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything.

Charles Randolph and McKay wrote the screenplay.

When it opens wide during the Christmas frame, The Big Short will square off against five other wide releases including two adult-skewing dramas: the Will Smith starrer Concussion and the latest David O. Russell-Jennifer Lawrence partnership, Joy. Also opening that weekend are the Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg comedy Daddy’s Home, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and the Point Break remake. Star Wars: The Force Awakens also will be in its second weekend in theaters. Last week, Oliver Stone’s Snowden moved out of the Christmas frame to 2016, opening up the slot for The Big Short.”

Samsung Hope Honors Brad Pitt’s Foundation

From “Samsung raised more than $2 million for children’s health and education programs during its annual Hope for Children benefit, which featured such celebrity guests as guests Ben Stiller, Tony Bennett, Demi Lovato, Josh Lucas and Rob Thomas.

Last night’s New York City event honored Brad Pitt’s Make It Right foundation with the Champion of Hope Award for the organization’s efforts to build hundreds of affordable solar-powered homes in the U.S. Comedian Ben Stiller presented the award to homeowner Leslie Archie, who talked about the organization’s impact on her community in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

For the first time, Samsung invited select Galaxy Samsung+ members to attend an exclusive party and live music showcase featuring Nick Cannon and Icona Pop, followed by a concert performance by Demi Lovato. Samsung+ members are owners of select Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, which entitle them to exclusive promotions and enhanced levels of post-sale service.

During its 14-year history, Samsung’s Hope for Children initiatives have raised more than $46 million for more than 1,000 schools, hospitals and foundations in the U.S. All of the benefit’s proceeds and other funds raised by Samsung throughout the year under the Hope for Children initiative go directly to charities, Samsung said.”

The cinematographer behind some of the most beautiful movies of all time gives his 3 favourites

In an interview with Roger Deakins (cinematographer for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford) he talks about the film: “A film that is quickly becoming a modern-day classic thanks to Deakins’ poetic shots giving a look we’ve never seen before from a western, Brad Pitt plays the ageing outlaw Jesse James in the final years of his life leading up to him being killed by a member of his gang, Robert Ford (Casey Affleck).

“I love that movie so much because it really captured the lyricism of the book,” Deakins said, referring to the Ron Hansen novel the movie is based on. “It has similarities to ‘Kundun’ in not being literal. I think films these days have become too literal and too dialogue, plot-driven. ‘Jesse James’ has shots in it that have nothing to do with the plot but you can get away with it and that’s what I love about film. It’s not always about narrative. There’s just things you couldn’t express any other way but through film.””

Ridley Scott defends ‘The Counselor’ and preps to direct ‘The Cartel’

In an interview with Ridley Scott he talks about The Counselor: ““Cormac McCarthy sent me the script and I was blown away by the material,” he said. “I loved the complexity of it, all the details that showed how this particular situation evolved. The dialogue was fantastic – the best dialogue I’ve ever had. The film was so nihilistic. But so what? Occasionally, nihilism is an interesting subject. Apocalype Now, Aguirre: The Wrath of God and The Godfather are all nihilistic.

“But because The Counselor was so focused on the characters and the price [Fassbender’s character] would pay, it became quite a lot to stomach, I think. It upset a lot of people. But [the movie] is filled with great performances. The cast was fantastic. How great was Rubén Blades as the head of the cartel, right? The reason [author Don Winslow] chose me to direct the movie adaptation of his book The Cartel is because of The Counselor. So I’m very happy with it.””

Robert Zemeckis’ WWII Romance Starts Filming in January, Says Steven Knight

From Collider: “Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis took a bit of a sabbatical from live-action films to work on his motion-capture pics The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol, but the director behind Back to the Future and Forest Gump looks like he’s back in the live-action fold for the time being. Flight got his feet wet with a character drama, and the upcoming The Walk looks to be Zemeckis’ blend of drama and thrill ride, but it’s Zemeckis’ next project that has people mighty interested.

We learned earlier this year that the director would be helming a “sweeping romantic thriller” starring Brad Pitt, scripted by Steven Knight (Locke), and set against the backdrop of World War II. Further details arose this summer when Marion Cotillard was cast opposite Pitt, with the two in line to play assassins who fall in love during a mission in Casablanca to kill a German ambassador. A game of espionage ensues as matters are further complicated, but the root of the story is grounded in the romance between the two characters.

Pitt, Cotillard, Zemeckis, and Knight is a formidable filmmaking team, so when Steve recently spoke with Knight in anticipation of the release of Pawn Sacrifice, which he wrote, Steve asked the screenwriter about the Zemeckis project:

“It starts shooting in January… It’s based on a story that was told to me personally when I was about 21 years old. It’s set in Britain during the war and [is] the story of a relationship that involves espionage.”

Given Zemeckis’ penchant for ambition when it comes to technology, Steve asked Knight if we could expect similar boundary pushing in this untitled thriller, but the screenwriter said the crux of the story is very much a relationship drama:

“It’s more of a drama. It’s more of a story and a love story, but with surprising elements to it.”

And as for the basis of the film, Knight recounted how the true story came to him when he was young:

“This is a very odd story. I was in Texas working as a dishwasher and doing all sorts of weird things. I was going out with an English girl at the time and her auntie lived in Texas, and she got talking about her brother who had been in the S.O.E., the British Secret Service if you like, and she told me this story that just stayed with me. I’ve always known it would be a film, and now it’s gonna be the ultimate. I can’t believe the cast we’ve got, I can’t believe the director we’ve got, it’s just a dream.””

Brad Pitt sets pulses racing in sleepy Greyabbey village as filming picks up pace

From Belfast Live: “Brad Pitt and his movie making team will be filming in Northern Ireland for an other three weeks.

The locations are top secret right now but fans all over the country are on the look-out for the give-away sight of crew vans in the hope of glimpsing Pitt and Robert Pattinson.

They have been filming for The Lost City of Z over the last two weeks in Co Down and finished on Friday morning as the heavens opened once more.

A source said: “The filming has been a huge success in Ireland although the weather has been a slight challenge, especially with some of the costumes.

“Wet wool doesn’t give off the best aroma – but the actors have just carried on. They’re real pros and they get on with it without complaint. No one expects brilliant weather when filming in Ireland, but there were times the rains gods really took the biscuit.

“They crew have about an other 15 to 18 days of filming to sort in Ireland and then they’ll be moving on to Colombia. If it rains there, at least it will be warm.”

The huge team arrived into Grayabbey this week under cover of darkness, a rumbling crowd of anonymous white vans, interspersed with Land Rovers, jeeps and catering trucks, packed with riggers, runners and security guards.

The cavalcade made its way along the winding country roads from Belfast to Greyabbey on beautiful Strangford Lough.

They edged along Newtownards Rd, too heavy for the little village and a bad bend at quaint Orange Tree House.

And finally parked up military fashion on farm land.

It was only as daylight broke that they could see the stunning surroundings of a piece of land rising out of the mist – they were at an island, or as locals call it, T’Island.

And bang in the middle of this remote beauty spot they could see a little white washed cottage with no electric or running water.

But it was here that Hollywood A-list Brad Pitt had agreed to film scenes for his movie, The Lost City of Z.

And for more than three days they camped out, enduring wind, rain, hail and just a little sunshine until filming came to an end on Friday morning.

Wellies, fleeces, overcoats and even overalls, they were donned by everyone from the actors, producers and director to the security team anxious to keep the location a secret.

The Lost City of Z is dotted with big names, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Charlie Hunnam, and young Tom Holland.

Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kliener have joined forces to produce the movie version of David Grann’s best seller.

And with their Plan B Entertainment production company, they have joined Anthony Katagas and Dale Johnson and MadRiver Pictures’ Marc Butan, who is executive producer alongside Julie B May and Glenn Murray.

They may be names no one had taken much notice of in the past, but they are tripping off the tongue around Greyabbey right now.

A local source said: “The big wigs were apparently invited to stay with the Montgomerys in the big house.

“There wasn’t much talk of the filming until the names Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson were mentioned. Then suddenly everyone became very excited.

“To have those Hollywood names right here in our village is amazing and we’re very proud of our heritage and our lough.

“I don’t know how Brad Pitt copes with it. Every time his name is mentioned, the women all go a bit mad. They all squeal and start giggling. He must be some fella.

“The film crew drove in under darkness, a whole cavalcade of them along the Newtownards Rd until they got to the big farm house.

“And the locals have been walking over the coast for a nosey. Some of it’s National Trust land and it’s all open to the public so they couldn’t say very much.

“People were doing a bit of star spotting but the weather put paid to that and everyone cleared off.

“But fair play to all the people working on the film. They worked through rain and wind and it was pretty fresh too. They worked late into the night on Tuesday with big spotlights keeping the wee cottage alight.

“We’re used to the changing weather here but I’m sure some of those London ones or the Americans wondered what they’d come to, especially because it’s August.

“A lot of the riggers and the lads looking after the equipment were from Northern Ireland and they just got stuck in.

“But they all had to be careful about the tide so that the actors and equipment didn’t get stuck on the island.

“It’s a causeway until the water comes in and when it comes in, it’s fast. I think the speed of it took them by surprise on the first day although they’d been given advice by locals about the tidal times.”

The Lost City of Z – pronounced zee – follows Percy Fawcett, played by Charlie Hunnam, who is one of the last great Victorian explorers.

He has developed an obsession with the Amazon and is convinced he has lost a forgotten civilisation in the jungles of Brazil.

Fawcett vanished in the 1920s during a search for the lost city.”

Hitting the Apex Movie Set for UK Release – MotoGP Film

From Ultimate Motorcycling: “Mark Neale has released a new MotoGP documentary – “Hitting the Apex” – that’s narrated by one of the world’s most known actors, Brad Pitt.

The documentary, released by Universal, follows the careers of the most iconic names in MotoGP over the past decade – nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner and the late Marco Simoncelli.

The Hitting the Apex movie hits theaters Sept. 2 – but unfortunately for stateside MotoGP fans, the release is only for the UK. The MotoGP movie will be available September 7 on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital – but again, only in the UK. It is currently available for pre-order on the United Kingdom’s

We have no word when “Hitting the Apex” will hit the American market, but it should be soon. For now, here’s the official Hitting the Apex Movie Trailer.

In 2015 MotoGP, the battle for the title as of 11 of 18 rounds is between three of these riders – Movistar Yamaha MotoGP pilots Rossi and Lorenzo, and the two-time reigning MotoGP Champion, Repsol Honda’s Marquez. Rossi and Lorenzo are tied with 211 points, and after an unsually slow start to the season, Marquez is up into third, 52 points behind.”

Steven Knight Says He Just Turned in a Draft for ‘World War Z 2’

From Collider: “As evidenced by 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four, sometimes reports of a tumultuous production can indeed be indicative of a disappointing final product. But one of the best examples of the opposite is Paramount’s World War Z, which battled rumors of issues on set and word of extensive reshoots and reworking of the film’s third act. When the movie finally hit theaters, however, it actually wasn’t that bad. Moreover, the finale—the part of the film that was causing Paramount so much trouble—ended up being the most compelling and satisfying portion of the film.

And the movie was a financial success to boot. So much so that Paramount and Brad Pitt started moving forward with a sequel, signing The Impossible director Juan Antonio Bayona to take the helm and Steven Knight (Locke, Eastern Promises) to pen the screenplay. Bayona had to tackle A Monster Calls first and Pitt has his own busy schedule to accommodate, but Paramount has dated World War Z 2 for release on June 9, 2017, and it now appears that things are coming together for production to get underway next year.

Steve recently spoke with Knight in anticipation of the release of Pawn Sacrifice, and the filmmaker revealed that he just recently turned in a draft of the World War Z sequel, saying he was essentially given a blank slate when he initially came onboard:

“I was approached with the idea of, ‘How do we move this along?’ so who could resist?”

Indeed, Knight previously said the follow-up begins with a clean slate, but nothing else is known story-wise for what befalls Pitt’s character in the zombie-infested sequel. A clue may be gathered by what Knight most liked about the first film:

“I think the beauty of the first film was the way that it never paused for breath. It never spent a moment thinking, ‘Hang on a minute, we’d better tell the audience what this is all about.’ It stayed in the moment, it stayed with that person.”

So if Knight was a fan of the single POV of World War Z, one could reasonably assume he’ll be keeping that aspect of the franchise intact for the sequel. But again, we don’t know anything about the story for the follow-up at this point, so it’s unclear where the film will be going.

In the originally shot third act for Marc Forster’s film, there was a time jump that saw Pitt’s character leading a team of zombie-clearers in Russia, discovering that cold is their weakness, then setting out to rescue his wife from the clutches of Matthew Fox’s military character in the planned follow-up. It’s unclear if Pitt, Bayona, and Knight will be drawing from any of that original story for this sequel, or if they’re charting new territory. Regardless, that’s a formidable filmmaking trio and I look forward to seeing what they put together.”